Office of Student Affairs & Wellness:


Student Advocacy  


What is Advocacy

The Office of Student Affairs & Wellness is responsible for making sure that there is a fair and equitable process in place to advocate for students as well as ensuring that student due process is upheld. Our office can assist in advocating for students, & reccomending next steps depending on what type of process the student is going through.


The process of advocating for students is so that our staff can look at your issue, determine if all college rules and regulations have been followed/applied appropriately, and determine if, you the student, are being treated fairly. Based on our investigation, we will make a recommendation on how to proceed. Examples of issues that can possibly be resolved at the advocacy level are:

  • Financial Aid Issues
  • Minor Classroom Disputes
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Enrollment Issues


Step by step...

Step One: Request Advocacy


Step Two: Follow Advocacy Recommendations

Depending on your situation, there may be other individuals at the college that can help. We will recommend who else might be best to speak with first before you take the next step.


Step Three: Determine Next Steps

Even if you have followed all the recommended steps, and you still feel that you need more assistance , we will help you determine what the next steps are for your particular situation.