Commencement Etiquette

Etiquette Guidelines For Graduates


  • Arrive on time. If you arrive late, you will have to wait until the appropriate time before you are escorted to your seat by a commencement marshal.
  • Check in upon arrival and remain in the designated graduate staging area until the ceremony concludes.
  • Be properly attired in their Cap & Gown. Gowns are to remain zipped up and closed throughout the duration of the ceremony.
  • Follow the directions of the Marshals and Commencement Crew.
  • Follow and adhere to the Code of Student Conduct and other rules and policies of the District.


  • Bring any personal belongings with you during the ceremony, including, purses, bags, wardrobe of any kind.
  • Use cellphones once the ceremony begins.
  • Carry personal signs/banners of any kind during the ceremony or possess any beach balls.
  • Eat or drink during the ceremony.
  • Bring any pets of any kind except service animals.


Etiquette Guidelines For Guests

Guest seating is general admission. Any late guests should quietly take their seats. Guests who have small children or who need to move frequently should consider sitting in an easily accessible area.

Guests are not allowed to block or stand in the aisle(s). Guests should refrain from cell phone during the ceremony. There is no outside food or drink allowed and there are no pets allowed of any kind, except service animals.


Zero Tolerance Policy

If you are found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct or if you fail to comply with the rules of the facilities or the directives of District or venue officials, you will be asked to leave the Ceremony and/or you will be escorted off, and prohibited from returning to, the premises.


If you have questions, please contact or visit the Office of the Vice Chancellor at Student Services.