Pre-Commencement Ceremony Events


Cap & Gown Puchase or Loan

  • Question: Cap & Gown: I need a cap and gown (regalia). Where do I go?
  • Answer: Commencement Packages will be available for purchase at the Bookstore, the Grad Finale, and afterwards, while supplies last. You must register for the commencement before you are eligible to purchase any Commencement Package, and wearing a cap and gown is required for participation in the Commencement Ceremony.
  • Question: How can I get a cap and gown?
  • Answer: Commencement Packages, as shown below, and other commencement related items are available at the Ocean Campus Bookstore. When you register for the event through WEB4, please indicate your height and weight.
    • Memento Package (Cap, Gown, Tassel, Stole of Gratitude, 10 Announcements, Academic Diploma Frame, Diploma Cover): $211.95
    • Deluxe Package (Cap, Gown, Tassel, Stole of Gratitude, 10 Announcements, Diploma Cover) $107.95
    • Regalia Package (Cap, Gown, Tassel, 5 Announcements, Diploma Cover): $67.95
    • Essentials Package for those renting cap & gown (Tassel, Diploma Cover): $ 20.95
  • Question: I am purchasing by cap and gown but want to donate them after the ceremony. To whom I can donate them?
  • Answer: The Office of Student Affairs & Wellness always accepts donations of CCSF purchased caps and gowns. If you or someone you know would like to make a donation, you can contact us and/or come in person to our office. Donations must be in clean, wearable condition.
  • Question: Purchasing a cap and gown is not the best option for me. What are my options?
  • Answer: You can rent/loan a cap and gown.
  • Question: What is the Cap and Gown Loan Program?
  • Answer: The purpose of the program is to loan commencement packages to graduating students who cannot afford to purchase their own.
  • Question: What are the requirements of the program?
  • Answer:
    • May not be provided with more than one cap and gown per student;
    • Must show a current CCSF Student ID Card;
    • Must meet Commecement Ceremony eligibility requirements;
    • Must purchase the “Essentials” Package from the CCSF Bookstore, Ocean Campus, to accompany their Cap & Gown Loan;
    • Must agree to purchase/replace any unreturned, lost or damaged items. In the event of unreturned, lost or damaged items, a hold will be placed on your student account.
  • Question: How do I apply?
  • Answer: Applications are available on a first-come, first-served basis, at Cap & Gown Loan Application. Note: Students in EOPS, Child Development, VIDA and Calworks have additional options available to them. Inquire with your program coordinator before placing any orders.
  • Question: What does the loan package include?
  • Answer: Loan packages include: Cap and Gown only. Students are expected to purchase and replace lost or damaged items; otherwise, a hold will be placed on the students’ account.


Student Speaker

  • Question: Student Speaker Application: I want to be the Student Speaker at the Commencement Ceremony. What are the requirements?
  • Answer: If you are receiving an AA/AS/ADT Degree at this year’s Commencement, are graduating with honors, and are interested in becoming the next student speaker, you may apply online Student Speaker Application.
  • Question: How many student speakers are selected?
  • Answer: Each year, one student among the graduating class receives the honor of being chosen to be Student Speaker.
  • Question: When do I need to apply?
  • Answer: The application deadline is TBA.
  • Question: What is the selection process?
  • Answer: You will prepare a two-minute speech on a topic chosen by the Commencement Committee. You will be invited to deliver/present this speech in front of the committtee members.



Grad Finale

  • Question: Grad Finale: What is Grad Finale?
  • A: Grad Finale is the precursor event to the Commencement Ceremony. All Commencement Packages, whether purchased or rented, shall be available for pick-up by graduates at the Grad Finale event.
  • Question: What are the logistical details of this event?
  • WHEN: TBA.
  • WHERE: Ocean Campus Bookstore
  • WHAT can you purchase: Flowers/leis, class rings, pictures and photographs*, personalized announcements, honor cords and more. Questions about Grad Finale? Contact


Additional Notes about Grad Finale:

  • Information on how to purchase personalized graduation announcements is available online at Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of personalized announcements.
  • Professional photographers will be on site the day of the ceremony. Information on how to purchase commencement photograph packages will be available at the Grad Finale.
  • Class rings may be ordered at and at the Grad Finale!