Assessment Process

Southeast Center

All center Deans worked together to develop similar center outcomes and assessment tools. (Continual refinement and customization to the center for both outcomes and assessment tools happens annually for each center.)

Current assessment tools:

  • Annual student survey (given to all classes within the center) is distributed in all classes in the middle of Fall semester. Survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and asks students to evaluate center services, environment, comfort level, ease of access, and other factors that would contribute to their overall satisfaction with the center.

Data review and analysis happens at end of Fall and during Spring through conversations that happen with all members of the center community (faculty, staff, students, and the community). Data are shared and conversations happen through our center website, email list, and at center monthly meetings.

Recommended changes that come from these discussions are implemented in an appropriate manner and timeline. Annual assessments then capture the effectiveness of these changes for further review and evaluation in a closed-loop assessment process.