Visual Media Design


At the Mission Center, we offer courses in graphic design, user experience, and digital media production skills for web and print.  We also offer courses in letterpress printing, and printing processes for designers.  We are a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program and work with students ranging from first-time Mac users to seasoned professionals looking to pick up specific skills.  For further information about our offerings, please visit our department homepage at


We have three state-of-the-art Mac computer labs equipped with industry-standard software, scanners, printers and projectors at the Mission Center.  Currently enrolled students have access to Scheduled Open Lab sessions and obtain help with their homework and projects.


We also have eight printing presses, both digital and offset, as well as a well-appointed letterpress facility.  This facility includes five presses: two Vandercooks and three Chandler & Price platen jobbers.  Letterpress students also have access to hundreds of cases of vintage wood and foundry type.

Currently, we offer the following classes at the Mission Center:


VMD 101.  Design Fundamentals (3)

Lec-2, Lab-4, field trips   P/NP Available

Advise: ESL 150 or ENGL 92

Foundational design course, covering the theories, processes, vocabulary, and techniques common to visual design disciplines.  Students will develop and apply their knowledge through analysis, critique and individual and collaborative exercises and projects.  UC/CSU


VMD 105.  Digital Skills for Visual Media (3)

Lec-2, Lab-4

A foundational hands-on Mac computer class for all graphic communications students.  Topics of instruction will include computer hardware and OS software, networks, type and text formatting, raster and vector graphics, time-based media, layout for print and web, and best practices.  Topics will be covered through lecture and practical exercises.  CSU


VMD 111.  Print Processes for Designers (3)

Lec-2, Lab-4

Prereq: VMD 105

A practical course to familiarize design students with processes and workflows involved in producing digital and offset printed materials.  Students complete in-class exercises for the stages of print production-prepress, press, and finishing-using digital and traditional equipment.  CSU


VMD 114a.  Letterpress Printing l (2)

Lec-2, Lab-1

The art and craft of letterpress printing, hand set type and use of proofing presses.  Emphasis is placed on skills development in hand set type, layout, proofreading, makeup, shop safety and press operations.  CSU


VMD 120.  Graphic Design l (3)

Lec-2, Lab-4

Prereq.: VMD 101 or DSN 101 or ART 125A OR MMSP 125

Development of problem-solving and conceptualization skills for graphic design.  Exploration of various design principles and their applications.  Use of design elements, type and image to communicate effectively to a target audience.  UC/CSU


VMD 150.  Illustrator l (3)

Lec-3, Lab-1

Prereq: VMD 105 or MMSP 120

An introductory course in Adobe Illustrator, covering concepts of vector-based image creation.  Students reproduce existing images to learn the various toools available within the application.  Accuracy and control of Bezier curves is emphasized.  CSU


VMD 152.  InDesign l (3)

Lec-3, Lab-1

Prereq: VMD 105 or MMSP 120

An introduction to Adobe InDesign for print and screen page design.  Topics include introduction to interface, typesetting, styles, master pages, creating objects, importing graphics, layers, transparency, preflight and packaging.  Emphasis on best practices .  CSU


VMD 154.  Photoshop l (3)

Lec-3, Lab-1

Prereq: VMD 105 or MMSP 120

This is an intensive, hands-on course using Adobe Photoshop.  A broad understanding of raster image creation and editing is achieved through in-class projects.  CSU