Mission Center Associated Students

ASC Mission

By-Laws for Mission Center Associated Students

The Mission Associated Students Council

  • The Associated Student Council will be comprised of all those students who want to voluntarily be part of it. The Council should have at least 10 members, including its officers
  • The first council meeting will be held within the first 4-5 weeks of each Semester
  • In order for the Council to be constituted each year, at least 50% plus one of the council members should be present
  • Each student council member must be taking a minimum of 5 hours a week at Mission
  • A council member can be removed by a 2/3 vote of councilperson. The same 2/3 will be needed to elect a new member

Meetings of the Council

  • No business can take place or decisions made unless 50% plus one representatives are present
  • All decisions made must have a 50% plus one vote.
  • The council shall meet at least once a month.

Election of Officers

  • Mission Center Council shall have an election at least once in each academic year.
  • Mission Center Council shall have written election guidelines.  (Included in these guidelines shall be the following: Election guidelines provide a minimum of 30 days notification of the elections.


  • Officers are elected annually within the first 6 weeks ofthe semester by a 2/3 vote of council. Officers can be removed by a 2/3 vote of council and new officers can be appointed with a 2/3 vote.
  • The President and Vice President must be an officially elected member of council and must be enrolled in 10 hours of non-credit course work or 6 credit nits with a 2.0 grade point average.
  • All other officers must be enrolled in five hours of non-credit or 3 credit units.

The President is responsible for:

  • Posting the agenda 3 working days before the meeting in accordance with the Brown Act.
  • Ensure that meetings are chaired democratically.
  • Ensure that a 50% plus one of all official elected representatives are present
  • Make sure that decisions are implemented
  • Be actively present at all council-sponsored events

The Vice President shall serve in the Presidents absence

The Secretary shall keep attendance, take minutes and distribute minutes to all members of council.

The Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Preparing and signing all payment vouchers indicating that the expenditures have been decided democratically at an AS Council meeting. Ensure that the advisor, the president, the Mission Center Dean of and the Associate Dean of Student Activities all sign the voucher as well. Ensure that all payment vouchers have the attached minutes verifying the actions taken the AS Mission Center Council.
  • Make sure that the Guidelines for the Management ofAS Financial Guidelines are followed

Powers and Duties

  • The Center Council, as the legislative body of the students, shall have final authority
    on behalf of students of the center, in the supervision of all its affairs, policies,
    properties, and conduct.
  • The Center Council shall be responsible for the finances of the Council and shall
    adhere to Guidelines for the Management of Associated Students Funds at CCSF..

Ratification of and Amendments to these by-laws