Student Services


Admissions & Enrollment

John Adams Center, Room 143
(415) 561 - 1835

The Admissions and Enrollment Office administers testing and registration for noncredit courses. If you are looking to learn English (ESL-English as a Second Language), take free computer classes, please contact this office at your earliest convenience. Many of our classes are available for enrollment throughout the school year. 



John Adams Center, Room 63 (Ground Floor)
(415) 561 - 1896

The John Adams Center houses a full-service student bookstore carrying all textbooks for classes held at John Adams Center. Please call (415) 561-1896 regarding hours of operations.



John Adams Center, Room 142
(415) 561 - 1925

The Counseling Office has a staff of professional counselors available to guide students in pursuing their credit and /or noncredit academic and vocational education goals. Students and prospective students are encouraged to make an appointment to see a counselor prior to enrolling in any classes. Drop-in appointments are sometimes available. Call the Counseling Office for further information.


Disabled Students Programs & Services ( DSPS )

John Adams Center, Room 106

Tel: (415) 561-1001;  Fax: (415) 561-1040

The DSPS Office offers supportive services and classes for students with disabilities.  We recommend that prospective students call to make an appointment.


Financial Aid Services



John Adams Center, Room 204
(415) 561 - 1946

The John Adams full-service library houses more than 15,000 books, over 800 educational videotapes, audiocassettes, CD-ROMS, and 80+ periodical titles. Designed to support the credit and noncredit curricula at John Adams Campus, the collection is particularly strong in literature, African American studies, health sciences and technology, ESL and high school program materials. The library uses the OPACs (Online Public Access Catalog) to search for books in all the City College of San Francisco libraries by title, author or subject. You may also access the catalog from home by going to


John Adams Center Library Webpage


Student Council

John Adams Center, Room 49 (Ground Floor)
(415) 561 - 1828

The John Adams Center has an active student council which works on projects to enhance the student's experiences on site.  Officers are elected at the first meeting of each semester.


John Adams Center Student Council Webpage 

Student Council Agendas