MS Office Classes - Spring 2018 Class Descriptions

Introductory Classes

COMP 9245. Computer Literacy - Basic Level (30 hrs)

Essential computer concepts and techniques for the beginning computer user. Students will learn to use a Windows or Mac based operating system. Students are introduced to Internet and Email basics with an overview of business office productivity tools.

COMP 9905. Intro to Windows for MS Office Applications (45 hrs)

An introduction to computer concepts and techniques for beginning computer students. Students will learn to use the Windows operating system to organize and manage data, resources and Office applications. A brief introduction of the Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, and a unit on Internet and E-mail is included.


Word Classes

WOPR 9990. Word Processing (Multi-Level) (90 hrs)

Beginning to advance Microsoft Word course focusing on essential word processing skills as required in a business office. Students learn to prepare, format, maintain documents, create tables, merge documents, and create business letters.

WOPR 9995. Microsoft Word for Business I (45 hrs)

A hands-on course introducing Microsoft Word word-processing software application. Topics include Microsoft Word basics, creating and maintaining documents, tables, forms and mail merge.

WOPR 9996. Microsoft Word for Business II (45 hrs)

Create custom documents containing a table of contents, sections, index references and an index. Students create macros, and learn techniques to collaborate effectively using features in Microsoft Word.


Excel Classes

COMP 9900. Microsoft Excel for Business I (45 hrs)

A comprehensive introduction to using spreadsheet software to solve business problems. Students learn to set up, format, save and print spreadsheets. Additional topics include using logical and mathematical functions and creating graphs from spreadsheet data.

COMP 9904. Microsoft Excel for Business II (45 hrs)

A comprehensive course providing proficiency in using spreadsheet software to solve business problems. Students learn enhanced worksheet design for business applications, database management techniques, and creating and executing simple and complex macros.

COMP 9909. Microsoft Excel for Business III (45 hrs)

Students learn advanced spreadsheets formulas and formatting techniques and will concentrate on various Excel applications including formula auditing, PivotTables, PivotCharts, and macros.

COMP 9932. Excel for Accounting Principles (45 hrs)

Instruction in the utilization of Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet software) as it relates to accounting principles. Students will have practice in formatting, formulas, and functions, charts/graphs, worksheet manipulation, database and macro commands.


Access Classes

COMP 9901. Microsoft Access for Business I (45 hrs)

Students learn database design guidelines to create the structure of the database, which allows them to create tables, queries, forms, and reports. Students learn to edit tables, design and establish query criteria, and customize forms and reports.

COMP 9910. Microsoft Access for Business II (45 hrs)

Students create custom reports and forms, use the Report Wizard and the Forms Wizard, and create search criteria for performing searches, queries and sorts. Students learn to use macros, design a switchboard, and about PivotTables and PivotCharts.


PowerPoint Classes

COMP 9928. PowerPoint for Business (45 hrs)

Instruction in the fundamentals of PowerPoint, the presentation graphics application of Microsoft Office. It is designed for the office/business professional or other serious computer user. Topics include creating a PowerPoint slide show, adding visuals to enhance a slide show, customizing a presentation, and delivering a presentation.


Outlook Classes

COMP 9936. Outlook for Office Support  (45 hrs)

A hands-on lecture and lab course that introduces Outlook-Microsoft's desktop information management application. Topics include e-mail basics, creating a personal schedule, task list and a contact list using Outlook's features of Contacts, Calendar, Inbox, and Tasks.


OneNote Class

COMP 9977. Microsoft OneNote (45 hrs)

A hands-on course that introduces Microsoft OneNote, a free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration software. Students will use this electronic notebook to create and gather notes, drawings, screen clippings and audio and video commentaries to share with other OneNote users over the Internet or on a network.