Accounting Classes - Spring 2018 Class Descriptions


Accounting and Bookkeeping


ACBO 9206. Basic Accounting Concepts I (45 hrs)

Introduction to business accounting principles and concepts. Topics include steps in the accounting cycle for a proprietorship such as financial statements, ledgers, journals, cash control systems, and bank reconciliations. The integration of Microsoft Excel is introduced.




ACBO 9205. QuickBooks Complete (90 hrs)

Through simulated practice for various business entities, students will learn to use QuickBooks Pro to perform and complete simple to complex accounting tasks such as accounts receivable and payable, invoicing, and payroll.

ACBO 9208. QuickBooks: Level 1 (45 hrs)

Service business accounting for a sole proprietorship and payroll simulations using QuickBooks Pro.

ACBO 9209. QuickBooks: Level 2 (45 hrs)

Fundamentals to computerize a manual accounting system using QuickBooks Pro for a partnership type of business. Students use simulated business projects to learn the process.



ACBO 9216. Recordkeeping for the Business Office (45 hrs)

Students will learn the recordkeeping procedures for accounts receivable, accounts payable, stock record, purchase order, sales and payroll clerks. This course will help students use Microsoft Excel to create forms, reports and financial statements for small businesses.

COMP 9932. Excel for Accounting Principles (45 hrs)

Instruction in the utilization of Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet software) as it relates to accounting principles. Students will have practice in formatting, formulas, and functions, charts/graphs, worksheet manipulation, database and macro commands.