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Business Classes at John Adams Center


Welcome to the Business Department at the John Adams Center. We offer hands-on computer training and business classes for students who want to upgrade job skills or enhance their skills for personal enrichment. We also offer many certificates designed to provide a comprehensive collection of office skills currently in demand in the job market. All our business classes are noncredit and tuition free.

Areas of instruction include: MS Office software and Windows Operating System, Accounting, Internet, Email, Customer Service, Business Web Design, Business Graphics, Business English and Communications, and computerized office procedures. Our experienced and caring instructors provide an ideal learning environment for students of all levels and backgrounds. All classroom computers feature the latest Microsoft software, Windows 10 OS and MS Office 2019.

Classes start at multiple times during the semester. Keyboarding classes feature an open enrollment system for those interested in improving their typing speed.

Come for the classes, stay for the full learning experience:

  • Train for a new job; update your current skills
  • Learn new business and technology skills
  • Improve your marketability: acquire skiills that employers hold in high demand
  • Start a new career - employment assistance and job preparation classes available


Tuition Free Classes & Certificate Programs

Microsoft Office

Intro to Windows for MS Office Applications

Windows Essentials











Business Math

Basic Accounting Concepts I




Desktop Publishing - Publisher

Dreamweaver for Basic Business Web Pages


More Classes!

Internet and Email

Microcomputer Lab

CCSF John Adams Center Business Department


Certificate Programs

Noncredit Business Certificates

Certificates can usually be completed in 1-2 semesters. Skills acquired in completing a certificate will establish a solid competency in a wide range of office software skills and prepare students for a variety of positions. Click on the certificate name below to download a flyer and suggested class schedule for the certificate.

  • Accounting Assistant & Core Skills
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business Information Worker (BIW)
  • Business Website Builders
  • Cloud-Based Accounting Systems
  • Digital Literacy & Core Skills
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Excel Professional I
  • Excel Professional II
  • Medisoft for Business
  • QuickBooks & Spreadsheets for Accounting
  • Website Development for E-Business


How to register for Business Classes

If you are a current student, you can simply enroll in class.


Go to the Student Services in Room 142

If you have never attended City College of San Francisco you will need a student ID number to enroll. You can get your CCSF ID number when you enroll, or you can get the number now - register online.