CCSF has strong well-established STEAM programs and a proven track record of workforce innovation. The MakerSPHERE is the next phase in this area!

Located in multiple campuses, we are a group of three collaborative workspaces for making, learning, and exploring digital and analog tools: the Collaboratory SPACE, the Smart HUB, and the Industrial LAB.

Evans Campus

Industrial LAB is where students engage in hands-on learning in classes such as Construction, Automotive, Welding, and Fashion which are all equipped with industrial equipment for each sector. Working at the Industrial LAB will allow students to take their prototypes and build them on a much larger scale.

Students can take individual classes or complete a Maker Studies Certificate of Accomplishment. The certificate program is designed for working professionals, business owners, and students working towards a degree who wish to understand and apply maker concepts and techniques to their existing or future educational pathways.

Ocean Campus

The Collaboratory/Media Center and SmartHUB is for networking, designing, and rapid prototyping.