Assessment Process

Downtwon Center


City College of San Francisco’s Downtown Center systematically assesses services and programs using outcomes, program reviews, faculty, staff, student input, and other appropriate measures in order to improve the effectiveness of these services and programs. 

In an effort to comply with the WASC standards, the Downtown Center Student Learning Outcomes committee worked collaboratively with other City College of San Francisco Centers to coordinate the development of the SLO’s, as well as a central, online repository.  Additionally, the Downtown Center Website provides up-to-date and consistent information on Student Learning Outcomes.

Currently, the Downtown Center’s process, in the Awareness stage, of Learning Outcomes consists of the following:

  • Meet with other Center Deans
  • Meet with Center Coordinators;
  • Meet with Downtown Center Associated Students
  • Review the Downtown Outcomes thus far;
  • Identify progress toward Learning Outcomes;
  • Development of Learning Outcomes;
  • Integrate Learning Outcomes timeline;
  • Complete measurement tool in English and Spanish; and
  • Assess

Please click this link to retrieve additional information regarding the WASC standards for Student Learning Outcomes.

The Downtown Center coordinators provide assistance in distributing the Downtown Center survey tool to the students. In addition, The Downtown Center Associated Students assist in encouraging all students to participate in the survey. Further, the Center Dean has designated a Center Classified Manager to assist students conduct the survey online in a designated computer lab. The Downtown Center Dean also conducts focus groups with students. Online surveys:

Downtown Center