Older Adults

The Older Adults Department offers noncredit classes designed to fulfill the Community College's mission of supporting lifelong learning.  The following classes are designed for Older Adults and are open to the general public. Classes must meet a minimum enrollment or be subject to cancellation.

General Classes

OLAD 7006. Understanding Changing Times (36 hrs)
Activities focus on personal, social, political, and wellness issues; field trips may be included.

The Arts

OLAD 7309. Theater Appreciation for Older Adults (54 hrs)
Students read plays, attend performances, and develop critical skills in review discussions. The history of theater, elements of dramatic literature, and production techniques.


 OLAD 7502. Introduction to the Internet (54 hrs)
A survey of the concepts and techniques of the Internet, presented in an unhurried, non-competitive environment. Students learn how to: access to the web; use e-mail; surf the web using browsers; participate in chat and social media; conduct research using search engines; and create a web page or blog.

OLAD 7503. Art and Photography Using Digital Media (54 hrs)
PREREQ.: OLAD 7501 or demonstration of computer competency
Presentations, demonstrations and hands-on projects provide an introduction to the concepts and techniques of using the computer to create digital art and photographs utilizing digital cameras, scanners, and other media. The course provides strategies for enhancing and manipulating images with photo editing programs.

OLAD 7504. Introduction to Computers II (54 hrs)
This course is a continuation of Introduction to Computers and will emphasize working with Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.