Green and Sustainable Small Business

The noncredit Green and Sustainable Small Business Certificate of Accomplishment is targeted to small business owners who are interested in obtaining green certification or who would like to learn more about the practices and benefits of green business. The growing importance of being an enviromentally friendly small business cannot be overempahsized.

Small business owners will get an overview of the aspects of being green, how to get green certification,  marketing green certification, and the costs and benfits of greening a small business.

This noncredit certificate consists of eight short courses for a total of 72 hours.  All noncredit courses are offered free of charge.

Course Descriptions

SMBU 9467. Getting Started in Business (18 hrs)
An overview of the requirements for a successful new business: organizing a business, choosing the right location, leasing, scheduling the opening, getting necessary permits, licenses and insurance, equipping and stocking, and record keeping.

SMBU 9419. Developing a Business Plan (12 hrs)
Basic information on the initial planning process for a successful start-up and management of a new business.

SMBU 9476. Green & Sustainable Small Business (9 hrs)
An exploration of the obstacles and opportunities small business face in implementing and maintaining sustainable practices that are economically, ecologically and socially sound.

SMGB 8500. Achieving San Francisco Green Business Certification (9 hrs)
Green certification is becoming an increasingly important tool for gaining and keeping customers for San Francisco businesses. We cover the step by step methodology of getting green certified and how to maintain your certification once you get it.
SMGB 8501. Green Marketing for Small Business (6 hrs)
The growing importance of being an environmentally friendly small business cannot be overemphasized. Learn the tools to go beyond compliance and learn how to leverage green as a marketable advantage.
SMGB 8502. Cost Benefits of Being Green (6 hrs)

An introduction to how going green can save your company money. Find the ways to cut costs, and what types of grants and credits are available to help you.
SMGB 8503. The Green Supply Chain (6 hrs)
As green initiatives become more pervasive in business, key customers will insist in green compliance from their vendors. Leam how you fit in the green supply chain and how to ensure your suppliers comply.
SMGB 8504. Green Certifications (6 hrs)
There are many different green certifications available to today's businesses. We will cover the major types of certifications, the process of achieving them and how certification can help you get and retain customers.

Noncredit Green and Sustainable Business Classes are offered in the evening. Please see the class schedule for current semester schedule.

How to Enroll

For new students, please see information about becoming a noncredit or credit student. You may also contact the Office of Admissions at (415) 239-3285. Many noncredit classes allow for registration in class; there is no tuition cost for noncredit classes. Please refer to tuition information for specifics on City College credit tuition costs. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. You may also call the Financial Aid Office at (415) 239-3577.
Applying for a Degree or Certificate

 When you have completed all the required classes, fill out a petition for a certificate. The petition form is available in Admissions and Records, Conlan Hall, Room 107, and should be submitted at the beginning of the semester that you complete all the requirements. Petitions must submitted by the deadline posted in the Calendar of Instruction.