Enjoy the following class projects highlighting works by my ESL students: 

A Cultural Kaleidoscope

The Living RoofA Cultural Kaleidoscope

ESL immigrant students from around the world share their customs and traditions with their schoolmates at City College of San Francisco and enjoy learning about other cultures. Here is a collection of some students' writing on their customs, typical foods, architecturally styles, traditional clothing, musical instruments, holiday's celebrations or ceremonies, idioms, fables and many other unique things in their cultures. Enjoy!!!

The Living Roof

The Living Roof

City College of San Francisco ESL students explore the Living Roof at the California Academy of Sciences with its 1.7 million native plants and exciting green technology which controls the building's temperature.  

Crissy Field Reflections

Crissy Field

A Special Educational Tour to Crissy Field

A learning experience reflection by ESL student Rebeca Franco

"Visiting Crissy Field and learning from the tour was a great experience for me.  The tour taught us about conservation of  the natural environment,  about the native plants of California and mostly the history of Crissy Field, which had made the field trip more dynamic and special.

In my native country Mexico,  there are so many  beautiful places,  but I want to mention one that is in the city where I had lived before:  Chihuahua Mx - Casacada de Bassaseachic National Park.  It’s  a big waterfall, 246 meters free fall , and it’s one of the biggest waterfalls in Mexico. Unfortunately, people haven't made special efforts to preserve it, perhaps because it still seems to be in good condition.  Now, people in that area start  to preserve nature by stopping tree cutting, hunting ,and starting to maintain clean environment and supporting the local tarahumaras ethnic group and its interesting culture. These local people use many kinds of medicinal plants like gordolobo for cough , sabila or manzanilla for stomachaches , laurel as a diuretic, yerbanis for cold , ruda for earaches, just to mention a few.

I think it is important to educate people about preserving nature, so that´s why I really appreciate Cora Chen's arranging this tour for us and the lessons given by the park rangers who guided us on this tour."  more...

The Past -  The Present - The Future

Past Present Future

Parts of the new immigrant workforce emerge from the ESL students at City College of San Francisco. They immigrate to the U.S. as adults and study English, life skills to help them to start a new life in a new culture. Many of these students work full-time or work several jobs at the same time, but they try to attend ESL classes whenever they can. These students have great determination to work hard and have become contributors to the American society.