English as a Second Language (ESL)


  • Introduction to computer skills for intermediate level ESL students
  • Overview of computer components and terminology
  • Introduction to applications such as word processing, Internet, e-mail, spreadsheets, presentation and other software
  • Development of English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through a variety of computer projects and interactive classroom work


  • Preparation for the U.S. Citizenship test given by the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services
  • Speaking, listening, reading and writing skills applied to answering test questions on personal information, U.S. history, government and the Constitution


  • English language instruction for immigrants living and working in the United States Preparation for further academic work
  • Nine levels of instruction ranging from Literacy, and Beginning (Level 1) to high intermediate (Level 8)
  • Ten-hour-a-week General classes focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Five-hour-a-week Focus classes on specific skill, such as writing, pronunciation, listening or speakingLimited homework with no grades
  • Classes offered mornings, afternoons, Monday through Friday
  • Saturday classes available



  • Communicative language (ESL Level 6 or higher) required for general clerical work
  • Terminology related to office procedures, forms, filing, and telephone training emphasized
  • Language for job search and job retention included


  • Communicative language skills, computer vocabulary and terminology used in the automated office environment
  • Additional focus will on knowledge and procedures for responding to computer messages and problem-solving

Health Care Communication

  • Designed for all health care professionals with upper intermediate English language proficiency
  • Develop integrated language skills for phone and e-mail communication in health care settings, strategies for communicating with special-needs patients, resolving conflict with co-workers, understanding legal and ethical issues in health care, and researching racial and cultural health disparities

Profiling Excellence:

The 2014 TESOL Teacher of the Year

Ann M. Fontanella

Ann Fontanella
Ann Fontanella's Teacher's Award
Ann accepts award

Our own CCSF ESL instructor and AFT 2121 Downtown Campus Precinct Representative Ann Fontanella received the International TESOL Teacher of the Year award, the highest honor given by this organization of 12,000 educators representing 156 countries. This award recognizes the exceptional work, service and dedication of outstanding ESOL instructors at all levels.

In conjunction with the award, presented in Portland, OR in late March, Ann gave a well-received presentation that described her work in developing and teaching courses that promote engagement and community leadership skills in her students.

Ann was also honored by Cambridge University Press at a dinner in which she was presented with a Wonder Woman crown and outfit. Ann is truly a Wonder Woman in her tireless commitment to her students and to the fight to keep City College open and accessible to our entire community. We’re inspired to have Ann’s positive energy, creativity, and enthusiasm, and pleased to see her so widely recognized.

Congratulations, Ann!


  • In addition to being adored by her students, ESL's Ann Fontanella has been honored by TESOL:


  • and recognized by California Community College Chief Instructional Officers (CCCCIO)

Ann F. and her students
  • Ann M. Fontanella, winner of the 2014 TESOL Teacher of the Year Award, presented by National Geographic Learning

Click on the link to read an insightful interview about our "2014 Teacher of the Year" Ann Fontanella at TESOL Connections where she talks about collaboration, the importance of the Reflective Teaching Project in her practice, and her teaching philosophy, among other topics: