History provides an examination of human activities from prehistoric times to the present, allowing students to acquire a sophisticated knowledge of the multi-faceted nature of the world's many and diverse cultures as well as to study intellectual, economic, and political history. The study of history also imparts a thought process which develops a student's ability to think critically about the past as well as the present.


HIST 4A. Western Civilization (3)
Development of Western Civilization from ancient times through the Reformation. The emergence of civilization in the Near East; Greek and Roman contributions, development of Christianity, Byzantine influences, the Middle Ages, and the intellectual and religious changes of the Renaissance and Reformation. UC/CSU
HIST 4A not prerequisite to 4B
HIST 4B. Western Civilization (3)
Development of Western Civilization since the Reformation and into the twentieth century. The emergence of modern Europe, overseas expansion of European civilization, great-power rivalries, the French and industrial revolutions, the consolidation of nation states, and the development of parliamentary democracy and scientific, intellectual, and cultural developments. UC/CSU
HIST 4A not prerequisite to 4B

HIST 12A. United States Women's History (3)
Lec-3   P/NP Available
An in-depth study of the experiences, roles and contributions of women in the political, economic, social and cultural developments of the United States across racial, ethnic, and class lines. UC/CSU
HIST 12A is not preprequisite to HIST 12B

HIST 17A. The United States (3)
The history of the United States from Colonial Times to the present. A survey of the more important political, economic, social, artistic, and cultural aspects of American life as well as of the role of the United States in world affairs. UC/CSU
HIST 17A not prerequisite to 17B