Provide the highest quality of instruction in Fashion Design and Merchandising in a lively and diverse environment that encourages interaction with others who share this passion. We offer a structured and experiential learning process that enables students to discover the concepts and challenges of today's fashion business and equips them with the necessary skills to become successful in the Fashion Design and Merchandising field.

The faculty and students alike are working on the same synergistic wavelength to make the fashion program at City College the most successful of its kind in the country.


FASH 21. Fashion Careers (1)
Lec-1, field trips   
An overview of career opportunities within the fashion industry, with specific guidelines to assist students who are looking for ways to direct their interests and talents CSU

FASH 35A. Fashion Illustration I (3)
Lec-2, lab-3   
Repeat: max. 6 units
Drawing of the fashion figure including working sketches. The clothed figure in motion with emphasis on textile characteristics, color mediums, and construction details. Development of a personal illustration style and a portfolio. CSU

FASH 36. Fashion Design (3)
Lec-3   P/NP Available
Basic design principles examined as they apply to clothing for women, men, and children. Includes design modifications as required by fabric and figure characteristics. Relates design problems to current aesthetic trends and use of the garment. CSU

FASH 45A. Advanced Image Consulting (3)
Lec-3, field trips   P/NP Available
This course prepares students to become image consultants, either working independently or for a retailer. It will incorporate the techniques of color and wardrobe selection, figure analysis, and setting up a business. CSU

FASH 46. Fashion Merchandising (3)
Lec-3, field trips   
Basics of how fashion merchandising operates with the retail organization; principles of fashion merchandising are studied, along with career opportunities. CSU

FASH 47. Fashion Coordination (3)
Lec-3, field trips   
Analysis of the structure of various fashion offices and the variety of fashion coordination jobs at different levels of the market. Examination of the duties and responsibilities of a coordinator with emphasis on trend research, the production of fashion shows, and projection of a firm's fashion image. CSU

FASH 50. Runway: The Business of Modeling (3)
Lec-3, field trips   
Fundamentals of and practices in training for a career in modeling and fashion coordination, with emphasis on developing the ability to identify specific skills requisite to the industry. CSU

FASH 54B. Advanced Fashion Styling (3)
Lec-3, field trips   P/NP Available
This hands-on, field-based course teaches the skills required of various types of professional stylists. Students will be guided through the process of developing a professional styling portfolio which they can present to prospective clients. CSU

FASH 55. Icons of Contemporary Fashion (3)
Lec-3, field trips   
An overview of the key movements and innovations in fashion through the exploration of the work of the most influential and original contemporary designers. Emphasis will be on crucial shifts in style within their socio-economic, political and cultural contexts. CSU

FASH 57. Fabric Glossary (1)
Lec-1, field trips   P/NP Available
Merchandising students will learn how to identify fashion fabrics and to determine the suitability of these fabrics to various styles of clothing. CSU
FASH 60. (1)
PREREQ.: Approval of FASH work experience coordinator
On-the-job laboratory training in fashion merchandising with retailers, wholesalers, image and fashion consultants. Placement of students will be determined according to the requirements of the cooperating firms. CSU

FASH 68. Couture Techniques (1)
Repeat: max. 2 units
Students will learn how to analyze the design elements, fabrics, embellishments and construction techniques used in couture garments, and how to integrate them into their own designs. The specialized skills needed to generate a pattern from an existing garment while the garment is still intact will also be covered. CSU
FASH 69. Basic Pant Draft (1)
Lec-.5, lab-1.5   P/NP Available
Repeat: max. 2 units
Students will learn the specialized skills needed to properly measure a figure and draft a well fitting pant pattern. CSU
FASH 70. Copying Ready-to-Wear (1)
Lec.-.1   P/NP Available
Repeat: max. 2 units
The student will learn how to duplicate an existing garment while the garment is still intact. Students will learn the specialized techniques and skills needed to generate a pattern from the garment. CSU

FASH 72. Drafting a Sloper (Moulage) (1)
Lec-1   P/NP Available
Repeat: max. 2 units
Students will learn the specialized skills needed to properly measure the figure and draft a personal sloper/moulage. CS