Architecture Program

The Architecture Program prepares students to transfer to professional degree-granting institutions or to complete the Associate in Science Degree with a major in Architecture for direct entry into a professional position. The course of study includes instruction in the following: architectural technology and design, basic architectural drawing, estimating and construction costs, mathematics, physics, and structural concepts.

Instruction in general education is included so that students may satisfy the College graduation requirements in this area. While most of our students are planning to transfer to a California University, graduates who have satisfactorily completed the Curriculum in Architecture are qualified for direct entry into employment in various capacities in architecture, the construction industry, and related fields.

The Architecture program at City College of San Francisco strives to equip students with the necessary tools to identify and analyze critical issues and formulate meaningful responses all within the discipline of Architecture. The program commits to instill within each student the passion to treat their studies as part of a larger promise to life-long learning and community stewardship.


ARCH 240. Fundamentals of the International Building Code (3)
Lec-3   P/NP Available

A comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of the International Building Code (IBC) that is adopted and used throughout most jurisdictions of the United States to regulate the use, design, construction, and maintenance of buildings. CSU