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October 3, 2015 |  9 AM - 12:00 PM | Breakfast 8:30 AM | Lunch 11:30 AM

Abstract Rationale for a Clean Up Day Event: Creating Civic Awareness

Research Document

Results on a study "showed that service involving direct interaction with people in need led students to judge that they had made contributions to sponsoring organizations and, consequently, altered their self-awareness. In turn, changed awareness enhanced reports of helping behavior toward strangers, which then led to the likelihood of future volunteering and of voting, working on a political campaign, and demonstrating for a cause. Additional causal analyses supported the directional sequence that began with service experiences, led to prosocial behavior, and eventuated in intended future civic involvement."

"This study focused on the role of school-based required community service in promoting adolescents' prosocial behavior and intended future civic involvement when service is differentiated by types and by adolescents' perceived experience. A longitudinal data set of high school students (N = 603) was analyzed to investigate the developmental steps from types of service through intended civic behavior."

Applied Developmental Science
Volument 10, Issue 1, 2006

Note: Results of this study may not generalize to Downtown Center young adults and older adult students; nevetheless promoting prosocial behavior for the purpose of intended civic engagement is presently needed to improve and promote greater awareness of civic duties and responsiblities for the community at large.