Associated Students
The Associated Students Council of the Downtown Campus

Associated Students Council (ASC-DTN)

Our Name

This body is known as the Associated Students Council of the Downtown Campus of City College of San Francisco.

Our Purpose

The Associated Students Council of the Downtown Campus exists to provide leadership (and leadership opportunities) for the Associated Students of the Downtown Campus. In cooperation with the faculty and staff, the Council brings support and direction for the activities and services offered here. Furthermore, the Council provides a forum for students to compliment, criticize, or request services and/or activities to enhance their experience attending this campus.


Every student taking at least one credit course or six hours of non-credit courses at the Downtown Campus is a member of the Associated Students. Every member has one vote. A student enrolled in classes at more than one campus shall choose the campus that will be his or her voting location. While the payment of the student activities Fees is not mandatory, every student is encouraged to pay an annual $5 fee to help underwrite student activities.


A student taking at least six credit units with a 2.0 GPA or ten non-credit hours with a certificate of good standing may run for a Council position. Once elected, you shall hold that position for one year only, however, you may serve in another elected Council position for an additional year.

Officers and Term Limits

The President and Vice president are elected and may serve in either position for a total of two years. Each of theses officers shall take at least two classes offered at the Downtown Campus. The Presidents convenes the Council meetings and regularly attends meetings of the AS Executive Board. These duties may be assigned to another Council member at the discretion of the President. The Vice-president is responsible for preparing meeting and activity notices, posting minutes for review, and representing the Council at meetings of the Executive Board.

The following officers are appointed by the council for a period of one year: the Secretary records the minutes, submitting them to the Vice president within 48 hours of the meeting, and edits correspondence; the Treasurer maintains all financial records, prepares all payment vouchers, coordinates peer-mentoring remuneration, and reports to the Council; and the Activities Director coordinates social events.

No students shall serve as a member of the council as an officer or in any other capacity for more than three years. If a vacancy should occur, by resignation or removal, the Council will attempt to fill this position within 30 days. Officers may be removed if they are unable or unwilling to fulfill their assigned duties.


An election Commissioner shall be appointed to coordinate the election and insure that the Election. Guidelines are reviewed and approved by the Council six months prior to the election. Elections shall occur annually, or more frequently as needed by the Council. Elections shall be held in conjunction with the district wide elections in the spring. The Council may hire (through work-study and/or peer-mentoring) sufficient staff to conduct the election.

Meetings of the Council

Meetings of the council shall be scheduled to take place at least twice a month. A quorum for the council is two-thirds of the five Council Officers. A majority vote of all students present is required to effect a decision. The meeting schedule for the semester shall be posted within two weeks of the first day of the semester. Minutes of every meeting shall be posted for information and review within one week. In addition to the regularly scheduled monthly meetings, additional meetings and other activities shall be posted at least three days in advance, in accordance with the Brown Act.


The Council is comprised of the following persons: the President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer, and Activities Director. During the first two weeks of each semester, the council and its advisor shall schedule at least one open forum to address the needs of the student body. The calendar, budget, goals, and objectives should be in place by the fourth/fifth week of the semester. The Council is responsible for the Associated Students' budget and shall adhere to Guidelines for the Management of Associated Students Funds at City College of San Francisco.


Standing committees shall be described as to name, composition, manner of selection, attendance, and duties/statement of purpose. Established standing committees shall make thorough reports to the Council on a monthly basis when applicable.

Parliamentary Authority

Meetings shall be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order, and comply with the Brown Act.

Ratification / Amendment of By-Laws

These By-Laws shall be by a majority vote of the Associated Students of the Downtown Campus Council and be established in the fall of 2003. The Bylaws may be further amended by either the Council or by petition of students from the Downtown Campus. The amendment process shall consist of due notice of the recommended changes for two meetings prior to the meeting wherein the vote will be taken to adopt amendments. The adoption of amendments shall be 2/3 vote of those attending that meeting.