Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn 1, 2, or 3 of the Associate’s Degrees offered through WADP? How does it work?
Yes, you will be able to earn one or more associate’s degrees and/or be ready for transferring to a 4-year university (CSU or UC) by completing our pre-selected classes. An academic counselor can help you select the classes needed from our WADP curriculum for your specific educational goal.                                                                                                  
I've taken classes at a different college before. Will those classes count toward this program?
Possibly! Bring your unofficial transcript(s) to your first meeting with an academic counselor. The counselor can give you an idea of which courses can transfer over, but you will need an official evaluation to determine if City College will accept these courses.  You can complete this process during your first semester at City College.

You don't offer the major I want. Can I still join?
Possibly! Talk to an academic counselor about your options for pursuing the degree you desire with the classes we offer. As we continue to grow in student numbers, we will be able to offer more degrees. Our program is designed to create a community of adult learners by having students take the same classes. Therefore, students in WADP can take classes outside the program but in addition are expected to take at least one WADP class per semester (WADP classes have specific CRN numbers). Joining our program means that you understand a majority of your courses should be WADP courses, and you will avoid taking classes outside of WADP, which are offered by our program (unless of course there’s a big conflict with your personal schedule). 

What's the time commitment like? I'm very busy with other priorities in my life.
In addition to going to class, it is important that you make enough room in your schedule to complete homework assignments and prepare for tests. We suggest students begin by taking 3-6 units their first semester to get a sense of how to fit school into their already busy schedule. Each 3 unit course requires 3 hours of class or online time PLUS 4-6 hours of outside of class reading and assignments every week.