WADP Curriculum

  • We have selected key general education courses for students to avoid taking unnecessary classes and graduate sooner
  • Our classes are offered at Downtown and Mission campuses only, on weekdays, and Saturday mornings
  • Reserved Seats for WADP students in most WADP classes.

In-Person Classes:

IDST 17:  Human Sexuality

LGBT 5: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies

IDST 37: Introduction to Ethnic Studies

HIST 9: Immigrants in the United States

Engl 1A + Eng 1AS: College Composition

PHYC: 10: Conceptual Physics

PHYC 10L: Conceptual Physics Lab

CMST 20: Interpersonal Communication

MATH 80 + Math 80S: Probability and Statistics

MUS 23: Jazz History - Musical Traditions of the African American

LALS 1: Latin American Studies

ANTH 1:  Biological Anthropology

HLTH 91M: Mindful Stress Reduction

ENGL 1B: Writing about Literature

Offered Online:

POLS 1: Political Science

ART 104: Asian Art History

SOC 1: Introduction to Sociology

PSYC 1: Introduction to Psychology

WOMN 25: Introduction to Women’s Studies

ASAM 40: The Chinese American Community

LIS 10: Library Research

not all classes may be offered every semester. Make sure to check the current WADP schedule. This Fall 2019 online classes won’t be offered. WADP students are welcome to take the classes we usually offer online outside of the program.