Bachelor of Science in Management from Univ. of SF

Why Management?

"Divorced from ethics leadership is reduced to management and politics to mere technique...Leadership, in short, is power governed by principle, directed toward raising people to their highest levels of personal motive and social morality...Power is different. Power manipulates people as they are; leadership as they could be. Power manages; leadership mobilizes. Power impacts; leadership engages. Power tends to corrupt, leadership to create.” - James MacGregor Burns

The Working Adult Degree Program at City College of San Francisco can transport you to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management at the University of San Francisco.

Located just two BART stops (Embarcadero) from CCSF’s Downtown Center,* USF’s working adult program  allows students to transfer up to 84 lower division class credits into the Bachelor of Science in Management program - and complete a BSM degree in just 23 months. Interested student should consider:

  • Total number of units for the BS in Management is 128.

  • Students need a minimum of 60 units to join the BSM program.

  • Students can complete as many as 84 transferable lower division units at CCSF,  then complete an additional 44 units in the USF working adult program and earn a BS in Management.

  • WADP students earn the additional 24 lower division units in three ways:

    • Join the WADP with 24 units already completed.

    • Complete 24 units at CCSF after completing the WADP. There are some core USF transfer A-F requirements that must be met. The WADP meets most of them. WADP students will also need to take:

      • Theology (choose from Humanities 7, IDST 4, or IDST 36 )

      • Literature (choose from ASAM 6, ENGL 30A, 30B, 43, 44A, 44B, 46A, 46B, 46C, 50, 52, 53, 55, 57, IDST 14, or 36 )

      • Philosophy (choose from PHIL 4, 25A, or 25C)

      • Plus an additional 4 courses in the liberal arts

    • Or, transfer directly to USF and complete the additional 24 units at USF in a process called ISA (Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment). The ISA process consists of taking a 3 unit research and writing course at USF, followed by a series of 10-12 page research papers to earn the other 21 units.

  • The BSM evening and weekend program takes 23 months to complete the 44 upper division units.

  • Financial aid is also a possibility.

If you have any questions about the WADP call: (415) 267-6573

If you have questions about USF Bachelor of Science in Management degree, please contact:  

Office of Graduate Recruiting and Admissions

University of San Francisco School of Management

P: (415) 422.4497 | E:

Web: BSM Website

If you would like to join the WADP, follow the Step by Step Guide to Application.

*USF’s BSM program is offered at both the USF Downtown San Francisco campus (101 Howard Street) as well as the Pleasanton campus.