Step-by-Step WADP Application Guide

If you are interested in joining the Working Adult Degree Program, follow the steps below to apply. If you are a returning student, you may have already completed some of the steps below.

Apply for admission to City College of San Francisco. CCSF will send you an email with your student ID #.

Attend a CCSF Orientation (you can do this in person or click right here for online!)

After watching the orientation, review the WADP materials. CCSF has many degrees to offer, including Career Technical Education training, STEM, Business,and more. Is WADP the program you want? If your answer is Yes!, 

Meet or talk to a WADP representative:
or Call (415) 267-6573

            Fill out and turn in the WADP ONLINE APPLICATION

Our WADP representative will contact you with information about your application status.

Steps to take in preparation for joining the WADP:

Participation in the WADP is a significant commitment that leads to great rewards. There are several things you need to do to prepare. We have provided a checklist:

  • Make sure that the WADP offers the degrees you want. If you are interested in a different degree than offered by the WADP, please make an appointment with a CCSF counselor. We have many excellent programs at CCSF, the WADP is only one of them.

    Also make sure that you are a good fit for the WADP. The Working Adult Program is designed to help you achieve their educational goals - bringing the entire degree package, or general education sequence, to you in the evenings and weekends and creating a learning community that supports success. There is no minimum required course load. Most students take 3 or 4 courses. If you can only take 1 or 2 classes, that is fine too. We do ask all WADP students to take only classes within the WADP except for the major courses for a degree if you are pursuing a degree different than the Liberal Arts degrees we are offering. Please make arrangements with us for such alternate degree accommodations. 

  • Make sure your CCSF application is up to date. If you applied to CCSF in one semester, but then did not actually take classes, you might need to update your CCSF application to reflect an intention to attend classes in the next semester. If you have questions about how to do this please contact the CCSF Admissions and Records/Registration Center.

  • If you have already taken classes at CCSF, no matter how long ago, make sure there are no holds on your account. You can sign into your student account on Web 4 via MyCCSF and see all of your student information, including holds. If you have questions about accessing your account, please contact the CCSF Admissions and Records/Registration Center.

  • Forward unofficial transcripts from any other colleges you have attended to Keep a copy for yourself as well. This allows us to guesstimate as best we can which course requirements you may have already met. You also want to review your unofficial transcripts. Compare the WADP Curriculum with your transcript. If you have already taken a large portion of these classes, you might consider seeing a counselor and creating your own personalized ed plan that will help you graduate faster. The WADP Program Completion Worksheet is a helpful tool for you to see how many classes you have already completed and how many more you need to earn the degrees offered by WADP. This is a complicated chart - a CCSF counselor will help you with it during your first semester in the program.

  • Order official transcripts from any other college you have attended. Have them mailed to your home. Do not open them. During your first semester in the WADP you will take these to a counselor and officially submit them to the college. At the same time, you and the counselor will review any previous college coursework that can be counted toward the WADP - making it possible for you to graduate without taking unnecessary extra classes.  If you are mailing official transcripts, send them to: 

  • City College of San Francisco
    Conlan Hall, E207
    50 Phelan Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94112

  • Begin to consider your workload. While taking all five classes each semester can help students graduate in 2 years, you already work full time. Each 3 unit course requires 3 hours of class or online time PLUS 4-6 hours of outside of class reading and assignments every week. If you carry 15 units in addition to a demanding job, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Consider the number of hours you can reasonably dedicate to the program when deciding whether to sign up for the 9 unit, 12 unit, or 15 unit options. Life is a marathon, not a race, and sometimes we all need to pace ourselves.

  • Consider preparing yourself for the online classes. Online classes provide a great deal of flexibility however, they are not for everyone. To succeed, you have to be self-motivated, possess strong study skills, and be an independent learner. Online classes are as challenging as on-campus courses. Online classes are not self-paced. Course assignments, quizzes and exams have deadlines. Some courses have an on-campus component. There are preparation resources here.

  • The rewards of WADP are considerable and intended to help you succeed in life:

    WADP students take a fixed set of courses together.
    We bring the entire degree pathway to you.
    WADP students have a built-in learning community to help each other succeed. 

We are here to help! Contact us at: