WADP Adds a Degree to a Certificate

Career Technical Education certificates are an excellent pathway to a great job. Students who earned a certificate and are working during the day, can use the Working Adult Degree Program to add a degree to their certificate. 


Certificate earners from City College look forward to great job opportunities in The City and beyond. Take some time to savor your accomplishment.

Turn your Certificate into a Degree!

Many employers look for employees who have both a certificate and a degree - especially when promoting within the organization. Prepare yourself now for that next promotion or job opportunity.

The Working Adult Degree Program helps students with full time careers reach that next step. By focusing on key general education requirements, the WADP allows students to earn three separate Associate of Arts degrees - improving your chances advancement.

WADP students fulfill general education requirements for CCSF, the California State Univeristy system, and the University of California system.* Students completing the WADP can transfer directly to a 4 year university to continue their studies. 

Take your certificate to the next level:  Join WADP!

We put it all together for you!

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*WADP does not meet the UC IGETC Area 6 Language Other than English requirement within the 21 month accelerated program. However, students can take language courses at the Downtown Center to fulfill this requirement.