Child Development Degree

The Working Adult Degree Program at City College of San Francisco presents a wonderful opportunity for students who have earned units or a certificate in Child Development to earn a degree in Child Development and/or a degree in Social Justice/ Ethnic Studies, and graduate and transfer!

The Working Adult program takes into consideration coursework already completed and does not require students to take courses they do not need to meet their degree goals. CDEV students can utilize some CDEV courses already completed and may complete faster!

The Working Adult program is open to all students. For students not yet ready for transfer-level English and Math we are offering Refresher Workshops and helping students find appropriate preparatory courses. A Fast Track option allows students who enter the program already eligible for transfer level English and Math to complete the program in 21 months.  Please visit our website at  for additional information. This program can assist students interested in pursuing careers in teaching, education, ECE, CDEV, youth-work, after-school, counseling and related fields.

A Working Adult Degree Program, Free City and a supportive environment are all waiting for you. Finish your degree, graduate and transfer!

In order to facilitate your Early Childhood Development Degree goals, we count those units in CDEV you have already taken which meet additional degree and general education requirements. The following CDEV courses may directly substitute for WADP general education requirements and of course count towards the AS degree in CDEV.  

CDEV 107

All CDEV students need to meet separately with a CDEV counselor to review or create their specific education plans based on courses completed and degree goals. 

Students should print the Program Completion Worksheet" to review with the counselor and fill in the "courses already taken" column with the specific CDEV courses already taken. Email the spreadsheet out to This will help prevent scheduling you for duplicate courses.

If you have any questions about the WADP call: 415 267-6573

If you have questions about scheduling an ED PLAN appointment with a CDEV counselor, please call: 415 452-5605

Please take advantage of the Refresher Workshops, tutoring and learning assistance opportunities, and more.  If you would like to join, follow the Step by Step Guide to Application located at: