Academic Counseling

academic conseling

Counselors are available at the Castro Campus during the first two weeks of classes for registration advice and assistance. Individual counseling is available by appointment throughout the semester at the Castro Campus. Counseling services include educational planning, transcript evaluations, career counseling and short-term personal counseling. Appointments can be made by calling the Continuing Student Counseling Department at 452-5235.          

Career Counseling 

career counseling

Career development workshops and classes are offered at the Castro Campus. Credit classes are offered through the Learning Assistance Department and workshops are scheduled by the Career Development and Placement Center. Individual career counseling is available by appointment throughout the semester. For more information career counseling, contact Kathleen Mitchell at 452-5193. For more information about career workshops, click on Student Services on the CCSF Home Page and then go to Career and Job Placement.

The counseling staff at the Castro Campus are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender sensitive counselors.


The Continuing Student Counseling Department offers counseling services at most CCSF sites.  Be sure to specify the campus/site when making an appointment.