Culinary Arts

Use this guide to quickly find reputable sources and save time on your research! Contact your subject librarian or the reference librarians if you need more help. For an overview of how to research efficiently, see Steps of the Research Process.

Finding Materials in the Library

Materials in the Library are shelved by call number according to the Library of Congress classification system. Books are arranged on the shelves by subject.

When searching the Library Catalog by subject for cookbooks remember these examples:

General Cookbooks
Cooking, French
Cookbooks by country
Cookbooks by state
Cooking (tofu)
Cookbooks by foodtype

Relevant areas in the collection to find materials on culinary arts include:

Nutrition TX 345
Food Handling TX 533
General Cookbooks TX 645- TX840
Cookbooks, alphabetical by state TX 715's
Cookbooks, alphabetical by country TX 716-TX 724.5
Food type, holiday cookery TX 725 - TX 759
Cookbooks, quantity and professional TX 820's
Cookbooks, vegetarian TX 837
Sanitation TX 911.3


Key Reference Sources

Career Related Information

Occupational Outlook Handbook



The Alice Statler Library, which is a small specialized library serving the CUlinary Arts & Hopsitality Studies department, has an entire web site which includes subject guides on culinary topics a well as links to hundreds of culinary and food related websites. New sites and guides are continally being added.