LIS 10 In-Person Credit Course

LIS 10: Use of Information Resources course description

LIS 10 is a one-credit, short-term, UC and CSU-transferable course that covers all areas of information competency/research skills. 

Course Content: Covers methods of inquiry, research process and the variety of information research tools available. Effective and efficient search techniques for online catalogs, online periodical databases, search engines and more are covered, as well as how to evaluate and correctly cite information resources for projects and papers to avoid plagiarism.

Method of Instruction:  The in-person section is a short-term, 12-week course. Information-seeking skills are practiced and mastered by doing in-class and online activities, online workshops and readings, quizzes, and a final project.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Convert a broad topic into a more focused one and identify keywords to represent the search statement.
  • Recognize the variety of information resources and select appropriate resources for a specific information need.
  • Choose and execute effective search strategies when using such online search tools as catalogs, periodical databases, web subject directories, and web search engines.
  • Interpret call numbers correctly to obtain desired materials in libraries.
  • Evaluate search results and revise search strategy as needed.
  • Evaluate sources of information using such criteria as authority, accuracy, currency, intended audience (popular vs. scholarly), and relevance of information for a specfic topic/assignment.
  • Use information responsibly by correctly citing nformation retrieved from print and electronic sources based on a standardized style such as MLA or APA format.
  • Recognize the physical locations ofCCSF Library resources and services and describe options for finding additional resources not available at CCSF.

Contact Lisa Velarde, Coordinator of Library Instruction, for more information about this course.

NOTE: The in-person section of LIS 10 is cross-listed with the Multicultural Retention Services programs.