LIS 10 and Other Credit Courses


LIS 10: Use of Information Resources

LIS 10 is a one-credit, short-term course that covers all areas of information competency/research skills.

Online and in-person sections are offered. Check the current College Schedule to see offerings.

After successfully completing the course, students are able to:

  • Identify information formats and the ways we share them.
  • Formulate viable research questions.
  • Employ effective search strategies across a variety of search tools.
  • Critically evaluate the authority and relevance of information sources.
  • Practice ethical use of information.

Course Content: Covers methods of inquiry, research process and the variety of information research tools available. Effective and efficient search techniques are covered for online catalogs, online periodical databases, search engines and more, as well as how to  evaluate and correctly cite information resources for projects and papers to avoid plagiarism.

Contact Lisa Velarde, Coordinator of Library Instruction, for more information about this course.


Other Credit Courses

The Library Information Technology Department  offers courses that teach research tools as well as a curriculum to prepare students to work in libraries and other information centers as technicians and assistants. The following courses may be of interest:

LIBR 57. Internet Research Strategies (2 units)  Use Internet access tools to identify appropriate sources for a given topic. Formulate search strategies and retrieve information. Compare information found on the Internet with that found in other library sources. 

LIBR 58A. Legal Resources (1 unit) covers the use of legal research tools. The use of printed resources and computerized search techniques is stressed. 

LIBR 58B. Medical Libraries and Resources (2 units)
Covers the use of library medical research tools and medical libraries for the library technician or student entering the health or medical fields. The use of printed, online, CD-ROM and Internet search techniques is stressed.

LIBR 58C. Business Libraries and resources (2 units)
Covers the use of business research resources and corporate, academic and public business collections. The use of print and computer accessed information is stressed.