Course Reserves

Course reserve materials include textbooks, books, articles, pamphlets, videos, sample tests, solutions manuals and more. Instructors place materials on reserve for student use.

All materials placed on reserve in CCSF libraries can be searched from CityCat. CityCat will show which library has the course material, whether it is available, and the length of time it is available for check out.

Printed course reserve materials may be checked out at the Circulation Desk at all CCSF library locations. Look up the course number and title of the item before approaching the Circulation Desk.

Search Course Reserves

To search by the TITLE of a book, use the link below to go directly to CityCat to search by Title.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I check out a reserve book?

Reserve materials, which include textbooks and other items an instructor has placed on reserve, have limited loan periods ranging from one hour to seven days.The loan periods are set by the instructor.

Can I check out more than one reserve book at a time?


What are the fines for reserve materials kept past their due date?

$0.50 per hour

Can I place a reserve book on hold or have it sent from another campus?

Holds and requests cannot be placed on course reserve materials. You'll need to check them out from the library that has the copy you're looking for.

Textbooks are so expensive. Do you have any other ideas for getting the textbooks I need?

The CCSF Textbook Affordability Task Force has some strategies and suggestions for finding free or more affordable textbooks.