Recipe Analyzer - Nutrition

A variety of calorie counting software exists on the internet. Some programs are easier than o thers to use and someprograms have larger databases of ingredients.  The recipe analyzers listed below  were selected because of their large databases of ingredients.

Calorie Count Recipe Analyzer

This particular recipe analyzer is easy to use because you enter the recipe  as its written in a cookbook and the  number of servings to see the nutritional content of a single serving and the analyzer provides a link to each individual ingredient, and then a nutritional analysis per serving. A nutrition label can be printed.


A new and improved version of the Dietitians of Canada Recipe Analyzer is now incorporated with eaTracker. You can use the Recipe Analyzer tool to get a nutrient analysis of your recipes.

Calorie King

This food search is a good place to look for individual food sources, not recipes. If you need to know the exact calorie count for an apple, use this food search.