The Alice Statler Library is committed to student success! The library provides several types of information competency training sessions tailored to the Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management Program.

Workshop Requirement for CAHS 100

atudents on computers

As part of its course outline of record, CAHS 100 "Introduction to Hospitality"  requires all students complete  Library Skills workshops B,  and P.  Workshop B teaches students to find article by using periodical and reference databases.  Workshop P teaches students about citing sources to avoid plagiarism. Workshop W can be completeed for extra credit. It teaches students to search the web more effectively and evaluate information found. Students have the option of taking an online tutorial or a 50 minute in-class session. Both the online tutorial and the in-class session are followed up by an assignment which must be corrected by a librarian to receive a completion slip.

Remember, when doing workshop P, select APA citation style!

Library Orientation

Targeting first-semester students, this orientation familiarizes students with the resources and services available at the Alice Statler libary. The librarian shows students the physical layout of the library; informs them about library policies and shows them resources available through the library's website. The librarian conducts basic searches in the library catalog and in the periodical databases. Provided in CAHS 100.


Course & Subject-specific Instruction

The librarian can tailor workshops to specific assignments or course objectives. These workshops are intended to support assignments that require library or web research. Sessions include introductions to electronic resources, search techniques, resource evaluation, and documenting sources.

One-on-One Sessions

Because the Statler library primarily serves a small segment of the campus community, the librarian has the time to work one-on-one with students. Students can make appointments with the librarian ahead of time. Instructors can suggest students take advantage of this service.