Welcome to the Acquisitions Unit!

The Acquisitions Unit comprises the Acquisitions Librarian and Coordinator of Collection Development, Joao Barretto, and staff member, Linda Allen. The Acquisitions Librarian accepts requests from faculty, staff and students for book and other library material purchases for the Rosenberg Library that augment and support the instructional curriculum. Requests for center library purchases should be sent to the librarians at the following locations:

Alice Statler, Ocean Campus Andrea Niosi (415) 239-3460
Chinatown/North Beach Mark Fan (415) 395-8643
Civic Center Chad Stephenson (415) 561-1870
Downtown Suzanne Lo (415) 267-6505
Evans Lori Brown (415) 550-4426
John Adams Wendy Owens (415) 561-1983
Josephine Cole, Southeast Karen Chan (415) 550-4353
Mission Mauro Garcia (415) 920-6137
Audiovisual & Media Center Alexander Valentine (415) 452-5426


Locations with limited library service
Airport Center Marie Varelas  
Fort Mason Kate Connell (415) 452-5546


In order to expedite the ordering process of a new title and to ensure the purchase and receipt of the correct edition, the following pieces of bibliographic information are requested: author, complete title, publisher, place and year of publication and the International Standard Book Number or ISBN (if the latter is known). Requests for acquisition of new materials to be placed on reserves for a class should be submitted with complete bibliographic information, as outlined above, to the Acquisitions Unit at least two months in advance of need. Please note that it is the library's policy not to purchase text books or used books for our collection.

Faculty are requested to contact the Acquisitions Librarian as soon as a new course has been approved by the Curriculum Committee to have a recommended reading list for the course available in the library. Faculty should also submit course reading lists to the Acquisitions Librarian for possible library purchase of new titles. Instructors are encouraged to consult with the Acquisitions Librarian and/or the librarian with selection responsibilities in a particular subject area to identify new titles for purchase and addition to the library's collection. To contact the Acquisitions Librarian, please call (415) 452-5441 or send e-mail to jbarrett@ccsf.edu. In order to assist you with contacting the appropriate Ocean campus subject selector, view our list arranged by campus departments.