Transitional Studies/Credit Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Credit Recovery?
Credit Recovery courses are high school courses offered by CCSF’s Transitional Studies Department.  These courses can be taken by any high school student.  Students can use these courses to make up a course they missed, retake a course to improve a grade, or earn credit for a course they failed.   All Classes are tuition free.  Please meet with your high school counselor before signing up to make sure you are taking the correct course.

What kind of credit will I earn?
You will earn high school credit. 1 semester course=5 credits. You will not earn college credit for these classes.

Who can enroll?
High school students with completed consent forms with parent/guardian & principal or counselor approval. You can access these forms at our main Credit Recovery page.

When can I enroll?
Any time before the start of classes!  Classes fill up on a first come- first served basis, so sign up soon!  You can see our schedule here.


What should I bring to the first day of school?
All students are expected to attend the first day of class

Bring COURSE INFORMATION about the class you have enrolled in: campus address, room number, teacher's name, time, and your CCSF ID# if you already have it. 

Bring a notebook and pen. All other course materials will be provided free of charge.

How do I drop a course?
It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor if you are dropping the course.  Each semester, there is a designated drop date; be sure to ask your instructor what that date is.  You must do so in order to remove your name from the class roster and avoid a failing grade on your record. You should also notify your high school counselor immediately if you are considering dropping a course. 

Where are courses offered?
CCSF Ocean or Mission Campuses

SFUSD High Schools

What courses are offered?
Math, English, Science, History, Art, Health Electives, and ELD English
(See full course list for schedule)

Where do I get my CCSF Student ID Card?
Students must be registered in the current semester in order to obtain new or replacement Student Photo ID cards.  Please contact your campus for hours of availability to obtain a Photo ID card. You may obtain a Student Photo ID card at the Ocean Ave Campus in the Registration Center (MUB 130B).  For more information, you may call: (415) 239-3858. Photo ID Card services are also available at the following Center locations: Chinatown/North beach, Civic Center, Downtown, Evans and Mission. Please contact the Admissions and Enrollment office at your Center for hours of availability to obtain a Photo ID card. Students must present a valid Photo ID (i.e. CA Driver's License or High School ID) before a student photo ID card can be issued.