Test Retake Policy

ESL (English as a Second Language) Placement Tests 

Students taking a test.

ESL (English as a Second Language):

You may retake the ESL Placement Test after two weeks (14 calendar days).  But you may take the tests only two times per testing cycle.

The CCSF placement tests are designed to help you determine your ESL skills before you enroll in ESL courses.  If you wish to jump course levels after you have enrolled, contact the ESL Coordinator for further assessment. 

Chemistry Placement Test

Chemistry Placement Test Retake Policy:

You may retake the Chemistry placement test after two weeks (14 calendar days).  But you may take the tests  only two times per testing cycle.

Testing cycles:

                Pre-Fall: March through August

                Pre-Spring: October through January

If you are currently enrolled in a Chemistry 40 class: You may NOT retake the Chemistry Placement test.



For more information regarding test retake policies please contact the Testing Office at (415) 239 - 3124.

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