Need Help Choosing a Major?

Choosing a Major


What is a major? 


A major is a focus for your studies while in college.  It is a part of an educational goal, something to work towards.


Why do you need one?


Without a major you’re just hanging around.  You will be more likely to cut class, more likely to not complete classes, even whole semesters. 

With a major you will more likely to “tough it out” in classes you may not be too crazy about, knowing they are just a hurdle you have to jump over to reach your goal.

In addition, ALL new students to City College will be required to declare a major after completing fifteen units.


How do I choose a major?


Don’t worry about choosing the exact right major.  It is more important to choose a major in a subject you enjoy and will do well in.  (Less than 40% of workers hold jobs that have anything to do with what they studied in college)


Choose a major that reflects your interests and skills. If you are planning to transfer into a non-science/engineering major, choosing Liberal Arts is a good option.


If you are planning to transfer, your major at a community college will be transfer or general studies, not what will end up being your major at the university. For instance, if you are planning to major in Business/Accounting at the university, you will not necessarily major in Accounting at City College.


You may wish to pursue an AA or AS degree.  The AA/AS degree carries much more weight than it used to in today’s job market.


Nearly 100 degree and certificate programs are available at City College.


In summary…your choice for a major should come from within you: from your likes and desires.  You will be more likely to accomplish your objectives if they have meaning for you.


Even if your major changes tomorrow, that’s okay.  Choose one for today. 


You’ll be glad you did!