Zoom Conferencing

Dear Campus,


As of you may or may not know we have zoom video conferencing for free through cccconfer.org. You might ask what is zoom & how does it help me ?


Zoom is a cloud based meeting service. It unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform.  Zoom promotes its product with a basic “3-in-1 cloud meeting” structure.

This structure refers to the combination of

1) a mobile device.

2) a computer.

3) a conference room.


Keep in mind that Zoom was originally geared towards the corporate world but now it can easily be used in the classroom. In fact, their website boasts that more than 65,000 institutions  are using Zoom right now, including more than 2500  educational institutions globally. Customer testimonials praise the ease of use of the product and classify it as a solution to many of their needs.


While Zoom’s structure may seem simple and similar to other videoconferencing programs, several features included in Zoom’s product outweigh the competition hands down.

The following section compares Zoom to some of its main competitors.

Zoom v. Google Hangout v. Skype

  1. Google Hangouts only allows up to 10 devices/connections (no conference room systems). Zoom 200 max for meeting or 3,000 for webinars.

  2. Zoom has flexible Global audio conferencing built in (PSTN local toll & VoIP).

  3. Unlike Skype, Zoom can give remote control to a participant along with annotation tools (drawing, highlighting, adding symbols etc. etc.)

  4. Gallery view vs. active speaker on all platforms.

  5.  Recording to the cloud or locally is available in Zoom.

  6. File is mp4 format.


CCSF has an account through CCCConfer. Zoom has been adopted by many institutions including CSU & UC wide systems. Setting up a Zoom meeting is quite simple. You may begin the process directly from CCCConfer website https://www.cccconfer.org/ by choosing “Sign Up” after Signing up you will have an option to start a meeting immediately or download Zoom onto your computer or mobile device. You can start a meeting immediately (with or without video) or schedule it for a later time.