Tech Svcs

The CCSF Website was redesigned in 2009; it has an effective search engine, easy navigation, a visually pleasing and consistent layout, and is DSPS compliant. The goal of CCSF's website are to:

  • Provide access to quality informational resources in an atmosphere that encourages creativity and intellectual freedom; and,
  • Provide timely, helpful, and accurate information about classes, programs, individuals, events, and services while showcasing CCSF as an innovative leader in quality educational opportunities.


Will my old site disappear?
Not for the foreseeable future. At some point we may retire some of our old servers, but no timeline has been set. You will be given plenty of warning if that happens. So you can link out to your old pages while you are working on other parts of your site in the new system.

Do I need an account? My supervisor/co-worker/department head already has one.
Everyone who works on the new site must have a personal account. Logins are now attached to a person, not to a site and logins should not be shared.

I just changed browsers and love using Chrome! Why doesn't the CMS work anymore?
Firefox is the preferred browser for the CMS. Internet Explorer and Chrome will not work.

How to Get Involved

What is the process for getting an account so that I can work on the site?

1: Get an account on the system: Fill out the CMS Account Request Form

Print it out, Sign it and obtain any necessary signatures.

Send the form to the address ON THE FORM by at least one week before the training session you choose.