Smart Classroom Project

CCSF has embarked on an ambitious project to transform all classrooms into Smart Classrooms.


Batmale, Cloud, 700 Bungalows, Creative Arts, Downtown, John Adams, Mission and others. See the current status of Smart Classrooms for a list of Smart Classrooms.


We're outfitting each classroom to include a LCD projector, screen, computer, white boards and document camera. Optical drives, window coverings, furniture and electronic locks are some of the additional items that may be included. If you would like to know the full list of items and options:

Smart Classroom standards


If you need to use the computer in any of the Smart Classrooms, you can call the Help Desk (Toll Free 844.693.4357). Ask for the Smart Classroom login and password.


If you would like some training on the items in each Smart Classroom, inquire of the Technolog Learning Center (TLC). They are located in Batmale Hall 313. Phone: (415) 452-5318.