Computer Refresh Program

Employee Computers

Goal: Assign all full time employees with a computer and have those refreshed every 5 years. Ensure all PT employee computers are above the baseline. Display the list of employees targeted for this current round.

List: You can find a list of employees for the current round on the ITAC website ( The current targeted computers are listed next to the round number on the "Roll out list".

Process: Have your Chair/Dean put in a Help Desk request. The CCSF standard is a PC desktop. If requestor is a full time faculty member, they may recieve a choice among the four Standard Computer Configurations (a PC or Mac in the form of a desktop or laptop) barring department/work restrictions. ITS will evaluate each request. Requesters will have their names added to the Computer Roll out list on the ITAC website. A Tech will contact the individual as resources become available.

If you're interested in knowing what you have:


  • Go to (by way of a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or IE) and perform step 1.
  • NOTE: website only works on the CCSF network.


  • Hold down the Option key and choose System Information or System Profiler from the Apple menu.
  • Select the Hardware section of the window that appears.


Non-Employee Computers

Non-employee computers must be funded through another means such as Program Review or a grant process. These types of computers include (but are not limited to) counter computers, student worker computers, lab computers, instructor computer in classrooms and check out computers.