What do I need to get a photo ID?

Please bring a government issued photo ID (Driver's License, State/City ID card, Passport, your old CCSF Employee ID, etc.) to have your new ID taken.

Where can I take my photo for my new photo ID?

Photos can be taken on Ocean in MUB 130 or MUB150 (M-R 9-4, F 9-2).  Those at the Centers may take their photo in Admission & Enrollment duing normal operating hours.  New IDs will be delivered at a later date.

Will my new photo ID only work at one location?

No, your new photo ID will allow you to log in to ANY copier at any CCSF location.

I teach night/weekend classes, when can I take my photo?

We are currently looking into the possibility of night and weekend photo locations.


Will I get a copier?

Copiers are being replaced 1 for 1.  If you currently have a Ricoh or Konica Minolta (older than a year old) you will be receiving a new Konica machine.

What if I want a copier?

At this time we are not taking orders for new copiers.  In the coming months, we will have a process for submitting a request to order a new copier.

When will I get my copier?

Copiers are being replaced starting the end of October and lasting through November.

Do I need to submit a requisition for a new Lease Agreement or Term Purchase Agreement?

No.  All budgetary and purchasing related issues will now be centrally managed by ITS.  Each individual department will not have to worry every year about LAs/TPAs.  All departments will need to account for is purchasing paper.

How do I use the new copier?

Simply tap your new Employee ID on the front of the machine and you will be logged in.