Konica Minolta

Phase 1 (started Nov. 2019)

  • In an effort to reduce the cost associated with printing and copying, CCSF has replaced or installed over 60 copiers with a new Konica Minolta (KM) multifunction copiers (MFC) throughout the district. These MFCs will provide printing, copying, and scanning to all employees.
  • Along with the new copiers, there will be a new way to log in to the device. You can use your RAM ID or use your new ID card.
  • Print outs can be picked up at any KM MFC.
  • KM will take over the maintenance and toner supply of select laser printers. This starts when KM affixes a label on these printers.


New ID cards

To receive a new ID card, you'll first have to update your picture. This can be done at any photo ID station throughout the district. ID cards will then be printed, processed and distributed to individuals.

As an added bonus, this new ID cards can be used on select electronic door locks (such as the ones used on our Smart Classrooms). If you already have a keycard and would like to consolidate down, send in a Help Desk ticket (helpdesk@ccsf.edu) and we'll coordinate the turn in of the keycard and activation of your new ID card.


How to print:

If you don't already have a printer called CCSF-PRINT, you can obtain it from Self Service:

  • Click the Start button and type "Software Center" into the Search files and programs box.
  • Click the Software Center icon
  • Click what you want and then click install

All print jobs sent to CCSF-PRINT will end up in the KM print queue. You can then go to any KM MFC to release it.

NOTE: for Banner printing, choose the ccsf-bnrprint queue. 


Phase 2 (scheduled start of mid Jan 2020)

  • CCSF will look to see where additional MFCs should be placed.
  • CCSF will analyze the data to determine where printers should be removed.


Phase 3 (TBD)

  • Tackle student printing


Please keep coming back to this site as it will be updated with more information as we recieve it.



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