Konica Minolta

Starting 1 Nov, CCSF will begin to roll out new Konica Minolta (KM) multifunction devices throughout the district.  Along with the new copiers, there will be a new way to log in to the device to print and make copies.

Gone are the days of having to key in your copy code!  All new Konica copiers will require a smart card that you will tap on the machine to access the copying/printing/scanning functions.  This smart card will double as your CCSF Employee ID.  As an added bonus, this new card can also be used on select electronic door locks used on our smart classrooms.

All employees are required to take a new photo for the new Employee ID.  Starting Monday, 10/21, all employees can have their photo taken at any photo ID station throughout the district.  Cards will not be given out at this time, but at a later date once they have been entered into the system.

Starting 1 Dec, KM will take over the maintenance and toner supply of select laser printers. KM will label these printers.

Please keep coming back to this site as it will be updated with more information as we recieve it.