Campus Printing

Use WEPA, a cloud-based printing system for all of your printing needs. Check this map to find a kiosk near you. Come to the technical helpdesk at Rosenberg Library if you need help using WEPA.


How Does It Work?

WEPA kiosks work differently than traditional Pinnacle / ITC  printers. With WEPA, you can print directly from your laptop, tablet, cell phone, or flash drive!   

Check out the videos: 

From your laptop or desktop

There are several printing options from your personal computer.

1. Download WEPA's print app at and print your document directly by selecting "File > Print" and choosing wepa-BW or wepa-COLOR.

2. You can also go to Upload your document to the cloud storage space, and when you arrive at a kiosk on campus your file will be ready to print!

3. A third option is to email your document to  and enter the release code you receive in response at any kiosk.  

From your tablet or smartphone

1. Download the WEPA Print app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. After downloading the App Look for "City College of San Francisco" (Should be enabled soon) & Login with your RAM ID credentials. 

2. Once in the app, you can send your important documents or photos to the cloud.

3. These documents will stay in the cloud for 6 days and will be instantly ready to print at any kiosk on campus.

From cloud storage

1.  You can print directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365, OneDrive, or Box.

2.  Log in at the kiosk to browse your files, select content to print, pay, and print.

From your flash drive

1. Simply insert your flash drive into the front of the kiosk and tap the USB button on the kiosk screen to access your files available for printing.

2. Don't forget to take your flash drive with you when you leave!

How Do I Log In?

Once you have uploaded your content and are ready to print, log into any kiosk by inserting and removing your Student ID for those who have it.   If you don't have your card on you, you can type in your RAM ID & password to release your print job.


How Can I Pay?

You can release your documents from any kiosk by paying with:

1. WEPA Credit   -  Upload credit at kiosk or online at WEPA's website.

2. Credit Card       -  Securely pay with a credit or debit card.*

3. PayPal – Transfer funds from your PayPal account. 


How Much Do I Pay?

Black & White (per sheet)

  • Single: $0.10
  • Double-Sided: $0.18 

Color (per sheet)

  • Single: $0.35
  • Double-Sided: $0.50