Fall 2016 Annual Plan


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Resource Prioritization

Integrated resource prioritization for 2017-2018 was based on approximately 100 annual plans completed during Fall 2016.  Completed annual plans also informed other college processes such as assessment and curriculum currency.  Summary reports are compiled as needed to inform College processes.

Prioritization was completed for the following categorically funded areas:  (a) Basic Skills, (b) Instructional Supplies eligible for Lottery Funding, and (c) Student Equity.  In addition decisions for Perkins and SWP will be informed by the annual plan process.  To see all these "Fan5" areas, see this consolidated spreadsheet showing funding status. Similarly, Instructional Equipment Requests were prioritized based on available funds.

Unrestricted (U-fund) rankings include requests for facilities, technology, staffing, and professional development still underway.  The Chancellor has approved the following Faculty Position Allocation Committee (FPAC) recommendations.


Annual Process

Annual Plan = Annual Curriculum & Assessment Review and Planning & Allocation Requests including:

  1. General Allocations: all staff and faculty position and requests for facilities, equipment, professional development, supplies, Lab Aides, Reassignment Time, Technology/ITAC, and Categorical Funding: Perkins, Equity, Basic Skills, SSSP
  2. Curriculum Currency (Review and Plans for Updates)
  3. Assessment Currency (AUOs, SSOs, and SLOs – Review and Plans)


  • August/September/October: Write Annual Plan
  • November: Review with full unit and supervisor before submitting    
  • December/January: Supervisors review and rank resources
  • February/March/April: Vetting of resource ranking with college governance and redress opportunities
  • May: Budget development for upcoming year and documentation of final decisions on resource requests in CurricUNET and evaluate process to inform process improvements for next year’s plan