Education Master Plan 2014-2020

Defining Our Future 

CCSF's education master plan serves as the college's blue print for the next 5 to 6 years. The plan guides institutional and program development. Specifically, the goals established in the education master plan assist the college in advancing student achievement, transforming infrastructure, and providing innovation opportunities for all.

Spring 2014 planning processes featured 36 strategy sessions which provided opportunities for members of the public to actively review and discuss data, including student achievement data and other institutional effectiveness indicators.  Four public forums were also held at various centers across San Francisco. Local industry, government, education, and community partners were actively solicited for input as well. As a result of this collaborative process, three goals were developed.  In May 2014, the three EMP goals and associated strategic priorities were recommended by the Academic Senate and PGC, then subsequently approved by the Board.  August 2014 Flex activities highlighted all three institutional goals. 

Approval for the full plan occurred in December 2014.  Thereafter, the EMP Implementation Matrix summarizes accomplishments to date and highlights connections to resource and support plans that undergird and effectuate the EMP.

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Education Master Plan Goals

Goal 1:  Advance student achievement in meeting educational goals

Goal 2:  Transform and sustain College infrastructure

Goal 3:  Provide new and expanded opportunities for organizational development and effective innovation