Post Award Process

Starting Your Grant Funded Project

This post award checklist is used by the Grants and Resource Development Office to assist Project Directors as they embark upon grant-funded projects.

1. The very first step after award notification is to have the Award Notice (commonly referred to as the Face Sheet) signed and returned to the funder. The Face Sheet will most likely be sent to the Office of the Chancellor. After the Face Sheet is signed and returned to the funder, move to the following steps:

2. Prepare a Consent Item for the monthly agenda of the Board of Trustees meeting. A template for the Consent Item can be found here.

While the Consent Item is being placed on the Board of Trustees Agenda for approval, engage in the following activities:

3. Obtain Banner and Argos access

4. Prepare to establish the grant budget within the Banner System. Schedule a meeting with your assigned Grant Accountant and prepare needed documents for the meeting:

  • If you are hiring staff/faculty/administrators or assigning existing staff/faculty/administrators to the grant, you must complete:
  • If you are hiring students, visit student employment

  • If you are hiring subcontractors (non-CCSF employees including consultants, speakers, other vendors, etc.), complete a Professional Services Agreement or Short Form Contract. Once the contract has appeared on the Board of Trustees Agenda and the vendor has signed a W-9 form, complete the Contract Approval Transmittal Form and Requisition Form (which can be obtained from your Grants Accountant). The Requisition should indicate the total contracted amount. Send both forms to Contract Processing at the District Business Office. 

  • If you are employing a CCSF classified employee a Form 3 must be completed with the fund number and additional hours, up to 40 hours per week. If the classified employee is already full-time, then that employee should use the overtime time-sheet which should also include the fund number.

  • Bring the budget developed for the awarded grant and complete the District Business Office’s Grant Development Worksheet (Post Award Budget Form)

  • Determine who will need to enter and approve requisitions and in which order. This information is necessary to set up the budget in Banner and should include any staff, faculty, and administrators that will enter and approve entries as part of the requisition approval process. This information will be needed by the grant accountant when your budget is set up.

  • Bring the reporting requirements (both fiscal and program).

  • Bring any information required to submit reports (what system is being used and how to access?)

  • Bring a list of purchasing needs and review the new (July 1, 2016) on-line purchasing requisition process.  For additional policy information that governs purchasing, please click policy.

  • If your grant requires travel be sure to ask about how far in advance you must request to travel and find out if you will be required to adhere to the District Travel Policy for reimbursement rates or if full reimbursement can be provided through the grant award.

Soon after your initial meeting with your assigned Grant Accountant, you should receive a FOAPAL number (Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, Location). This number will be used throughout the life of your grant, unless your grant is federally funded.  If the grant is federally funded, the FOAPAL will change annually at the commencement of the new federal fiscal year (Typically October 1 – September 30).

5. If your grant requires sub-recipients. There must be a contract with any sub-recipients participating in your project. The terms should be worked out with the sub-recipient. A Sub-Recipient Contract will need to be approved and submitted to the Legal Department by the Office of Grants and Resource Development. Please contact the Office of Grants and Resource Development to obtain the form and for assistance with preparation and processingInformation about obtaining a Certificate of Insurance can be found here.

6. For all expenses over $60,000, including sub-recipients, a separate outgoing Board Consent Item must be submitted for approval by the Board of Trustees.