Government Funding Guildelines

Please clear all government grant applications with the Grants & Resource Development Office.

If you are interested in pursuing a grant from a government agency, contact Ilona McGriff, Interim Dean of Grants and Resource Development, immediately.

We ask that you do so for the following reasons:

  • we must coordinate applications so that we are not competing internally for government funding
  • most government applications are now submitted online, and the Grants & Resource Development Office is the only authorized office to access these sites
  • it is critical that our messaging about the College is consistent and that budgets are prepared in a consistent manner, sufficiently covering all necessary direct and indirect costs
  • we can help you navigate the Federal Register and/or OMB Circulars to understand implications for your proposal/grant
  • we can help you prepare your proposal if we have sufficient notice (generally, we need a minimum of 3-4 weeks lead time, depending on the scope of the grant and our current workload)

Note: When proposals involve cost sharing by the College, administrative authorization is required prior to committing College funds or other resources.