Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE):

Results for City College of San Francisco


CCSSE Results 2014

Reports (Spring 2014 Data)

Presentations & Discussions

(Spring 2014 Data)

Highlights  (2 pages) Flex Day Presentation - January 2015 - Video
Summary report  (35 pages) CCSSE Results for Student Services - February 2015 (25 pages)
Interactive Data Visuals Impressions from:
Results for additional 15 questions developed by CCSF
Benchmarks report (compares College to national peers)
Means and frequencies


CCSSE Results 2007


1) Overview of 2007 CCSSE Results for CCSF - 12 pages
  A brief snapshot of what credit students (and faculty) had to say about student engagement at City College. The overview includes information about the survey itself, respondents, academic experience, student learning, support services, barriers to persistence, and more.


2) Student Survey Instrument - 8 pages
  a) To see the student survey in PDF format go to the link below; look at the form for years 2005-2008.
  b) Alternately, view it in HTML with embedded links to lists of the studies supporting individual survey items. Note that you have to "page through" (see page links at the bottom).


3) Faculty Survey Instrument - 6 web pages (approx. 12 printed pages)
    Viewable in HTML at


4) Credit Student Data by Benchmark Areas - 7 pages
  Selected student survey responses condensed into five broad areas of student engagement:
  Active and Collaborative Learning
  Student Effort
  Academic Challenge
  Student-Faculty Interaction
  Support for Learners


5) Credit Student Data in Frequencies (Percentages) - 14 pages
  Student survey results for each question. Results are presented for all students (weighted by full-time / part-time), then broken out by full-time students and part-time students.


6) Credit Student Data in Means (Averages) - 9 pages
  Results are presented for all students (weighted by full-time / part-time). In addition, statistical significance is included.


7) Faculty Frequencies - CCSF Credit Faculty Responses - 10 pages
  Results are presented for all faculty, then broken out by full-time and part-time.


8) Faculty  - Student Frequencies - 10 pages
  Faculty and student responses presented side-by-side.


  Come to the Flex Day discussion on January 11 (see Flex booklet for details).
  In the text box below, tell us your perceptions of the survey results. Include any follow-up questions that you may have regarding student engagement.  (Submissions are anonymous, but if you would like us to respond to your comments/questions, please include your email address.)





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